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Urloffen is a small village of 4100 people located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In 1975, Urloffen was incorporated as part of Appenweier. Specifically, it is located 15 kilometers (9 miles) east of the Rhine River and Strasbourg, France. Offenburg, Germany, the seat of the Kreis (district) Administration, lies 10 kilometers south of Urloffen. This area of southern Germany is used mainly for agricultural purposes. One major agricultural product is grapes. The surrounding hills are filled with vineyards.

A note on the Coat of Arms for Urloffen:
In 1900, the State Archives proposed three different coat of arms for the village.

  • The first displayed the old local village symbol

  • The second was a goose, the symbol of St. Martin, the local patron saint, who was also seen on the 19th century seals of the village

  • The third was a tower

The council adopted the tower, which is a symbol for the local castle mentioned in 1150.

A note on the sign:

Meerrettich = horseradish, a Vegetable which was planted in Urloffen for many years. Urloffen became well known in Germany by selling this plant in the markets.

Ort = Village (Place) Meerrettichort = Horseradish village



This purpose of this page is to bring together information about Urloffen and the people who are connected to this area of Germany. If you have ancestors that have roots in this area and would like to share your information, please contact any of the following.

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Tom Oatney
Tom's Urloffen Ancestors
Diana Rensing Moll, Laible
Dan Bravard
Dan's Urloffen Ancestors
Armbruster, Appenzeller, Denninger, Eckerts, Joggerst/Jockerst, Kieffer, Krantz/Crantz, Kron/Cron, Kuntz, Martin, Moll, Schneider, Woerner/Werner
Marilyn Lynch * Kiefer, Kranz
Wanda Ridge Kiefer, Schelli, Knösp, Bürkel, Brenner, Rheinbold
Joanne Lang Locke * Kranz, Laug/Lang, Schermann
Connie Reichart Herbst, Burkel, Kiefer, Trautman, Wernerin
Ruth King Kiefer, Konig, Weis
Stephen Gruber

Jogerst / Joggerst / Jockerst / Yogerst

Steve Jansen Rotti/Rotty and Langeneckert
Kathleen Sigdestad
Schneider, Zimmerer, Knosp, Ulsaß, Kiefer, Graus
Arlene Goff Josef Schneider b. 1845 Urloffen Offenburg Baden emigrated to USA NY 1866 m. Anna NIKLAUS/NIKOLAUS/NICHOLAS b. 1848 Prussia d/o Franz Nikolaus and Anna Uberall
Susan Boester

Zettwoch, Laible/Leible, Saur/Sur, Knosp, Langengert/Langerneckt, König, Schelli, Bürckell, Krantz and Schneider

Brian Densmore Baumann, Crantz, Fritsch, Hornung, Hug, Kieffer/Kiefer, Joggerst, Keller, König, Lambarter, Lauck, Litsch, Moll, Ramshurster, Reinbold, Saur, Schelli, Werner, Windnagel, Widemer
Jen Metcalf Stoeckel, Andel, Joggerst, Sauer
Charles Schober Hug, Schober
Jim Moll Moll
Mike Werner Widmann, Knapp, Schweiss, Wörner, Seittor, Krauz, Köhli, Lauk
Carolyn Schrader Lleyboldt (Maria) Elisabeth Sauer was the oldest daughter of Martin and Agatha (Federer) Sauer, born in Urloffen on Dec. 16, 1908. She immigrated to Brooklyn, NY in 1926 and married Karl Schrader of Bremerhaven.
Jim Federer Federer - Jim's great grandfather emigrated to St Louis Missouri in July 1868 and 2 of his brother's followed
Sandi Sills Langeneckert, Langeneker, Longnecker,  Kranz and Krantz

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